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The target for the Handgun Aptitude Test

The target for the Handgun Aptitude Test was created by Mike and Erin Pettengill, owners and operators of Personal Protection Academy, a fulltime firearms instruction academy and an FFL.

Having trained thousands of handgun students Mike and Erin set out to write a curriculum for the perfect all-around training and evaluation class. After the class curriculum was written and tested for the Handgun Aptitude Test they realized there just wasn't a single target out there which could meet their needs. The perfect class needed the perfect target.

The target was born out of necessity. The Handgun Aptitude Test combined with the original HAT target provides for training and evaluation in areas such as marksmanship, defensive shooting, holster draw, reloads, malfunctions, target acquisition and more.

The target contains a USPSA-style torso, an NRA-style B8 bullseye, a 3"x5" rectangle, nine 2"x2" randomized numbered and colored shapes, and four 1"x1" squares. The target is perfect to administer the HAT test, train for the HAT curriculum and to enhance your regular everyday training.

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