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  • What is the Handgun Aptitude TEST?
    The Handgun Aptitude Test is a one-hour handgun skill test which will test your skills against other shooters and track your progress as a pistol practitioner.
  • What is an overview of the Handgun Aptitude Test?
    It consists of 10 handgun skill drills to help you evaluate your progress as a shooter and your rank among other pistoleers. There are five drills which start from a holstered position, four which start from the low ready position and one which starts pointed in at the target. Seven of the skill drills are timed and three are untimed. The HAT tests on marksmanship, drawing, defensive shooting, reloads, support hand shooting, malfunction clearance, and more.
  • What is the Handgun Aptitude TARGET?
    The Handgun Aptitude Target is an original design of the Personal Protection Academy. It is intended to be used for diversified handgun training or to take the Handgun Aptitude Test.
  • What is the Handgun Aptitude CLASS?
    The Handgun Aptitude Class is firearms training class administered only by the Personal Protection Academy. It is designed to teach students how to perfect specific drills which will advance their handgun handling skills and concludes with the Handgun Aptitude Test.
  • Can I purchase the Handgun Aptitude TARGET for my own personal use?
    Yes, Instructors and students are encouraged to purchase the targets and use them in their own handgun classes and training.
  • Can anyone administer the Handgun Aptitude TEST?
    Yes, anyone can administer the Handgun Aptitude Test. We only ask you to send us your results so we can list you on our HAT Hall Of Fame.
  • What gear do I need to take the Handgun Aptitude Test?
    To complete the test you need a holster, three magazines, a handgun, a magazine holder and 79 rounds of ammunition. You must have at least one magazine which holds eight rounds or more. If you do not wish to use a holster for the test you may start all holstered drills from the low ready position. However, if you do not use a holster for the test you start with -10 points. The official HAT target is not required for the test but is highly recommended.
  • How can I take an OFFICIAL Handgun Aptitude Test?
    The HAT can be completed in a class or private lesson administered by Personal Protection Academy ( or it can administered on your own with one other witness willing to testify to your awesomeness.
  • If I get a good score how do I let you know?
    If you receive a score of 80 or above email a copy of your score sheet and a picture of you with your completed target to Verified scores of 100 will be entered into our HAT Hall of Fame and will receive a unique award. Verified scores of 90 or 80 will also receive awards.
  • How many times can I take the Handgun Aptitude Test?
    You can take the HAT as many times as you like. In fact, we encourage you to take it regularly to help chart your improvement and decline in various areas of your shooting ability.
  • Once I start the Handgun Aptitude Test how long do I have to finish it?
    All 10 drills must be completed in the same calendar day.
  • How do I get additional instructions, scoresheets or targets?
    You may visit to download free scoresheets and instructions and to purchase targets.
  • Can I reproduce the targets and scoresheets?
    The HAT instructions and scoresheet are free and may be duplicated. The HAT targets are property of Personal Protection Academy and may not be reproduced.
  • Can I administer a Handgun Aptitude Test class with the instructions, scoresheets and targets?
    The HAT test and the HAT targets are property of Personal Protection Academy. Both the HAT test and the HAT targets may be used for profit by prior written permission only.
  • If I have questions about the Handgun Aptitude Test who do I contact?
    Contact Personal Protection Academy, the owners of the Handgun Aptitude Test - Call or text: 951-574-9009 Email: Mail: Personal Protection Academy 24046 Clinton Keith Rd., #111 Wildomar, CA 92595
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